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Cedar Rapids is a vibrant city in Iowa with active community and growth. It is also known as 'City of Five Seasons' to indicate the celebration of the city and life. Cedar Rapids is rated as the most happiest places to live and the number one safest city for children. The city invests in business and growth of the community and has ongoing projects in housing and construction.

Cedar Rapids is encouraging local businesses in Linn County for special discounts. Economic development is fostered in Cedar Rapids through multiple initiatives. Skilled labor are available in 75-mile workforce of Cedar Rapids. Major employers include Rockwell Collins, Transamerica, AEGON, School district, and so on.

Cedar Rapids is home to many colleges, museums, historic sites, and entertainment centers. Non-profit organizations are encouraging startups, creativity, and talent among youth to make Cedar Rapids and Iowa famous worldwide. Computer science education, medical startups, and agricultural innovation are being incorporated in to schools and colleges in the city.

Small business and startups in a range of target industries including ife sciences and manufacturing are increasing in Cedar Rapids. Special incentives and tax rebates are available for incoming Cedar Rapids businesses. Energy efficient buildings and construction are some of the top priorities of Cedar Rapids.


Cedar Rapids Fluid Applied Air Barrier

Fluid Applied Air Barrier (FAAB) is a popular way of insulating and airsealing a building. The liquid barrier is sprayed, rolled, or power-applied on to the different substrates. FAAB is a better alternate to house wrap or peel-and-stick wraps and provides a seamless insulation.

FAAB is available from top manufacturers and the models differ with the type of substrate, temperature, thickness, and so on. For walls, windows, doors, joists, rebar, concrete, masonry units, above-grade, below-grade, interior walls, and other applications, FAAB is best suited for air-tightness. Excellent detailing is possible at the different transitions of a building.

Commercial projects can benefit from FAAB as it takes less time and is easy to apply. Labor costs can be saved as FAAB is quicker to apply. Owners can get energy efficient buildings as FAAB provides complete air sealing to the property. FAAB acts also as a moisture barrier and repels any water, ice, or snow. Vapor-permeable and non-vapor permeable FAAB models are available in the market.



Cedar Rapids FAAB Commercial

FAAB takes least maintenance during and after application. The products are tested for fire ratings and are preferred by builders. FAAB sets immediately and nothing can go wrong if applied in multiple coats. Minor cracks in the sealing can be patched during renovation or replacement.

Builders prefer FAAB because it is easy to apply and minimum material is needed to seal the wall joints and windows. Property owners prefer FAAB as it provides complete air-tightness to the building. This will reduce the energy bills and increase the overall energy efficiency of the property. For schools, hospitals, apartments, and townhomes FAAB is perfect for total insulation.

FAAB is also suitable for low-temperature applications and high-moisture areas. During roofing and siding replacement, FAAB can be chosen as a perfect alternative to house wrap. Mold and rotting of the walls can be avoided by applying FAAB.

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Cedar Rapids buildings are prone to flooding and are exposed to high winds, ice, and snow through out the year. FAAB is perfect for Cedar Rapids as it results in moisture-proof and air-proof sealing. FAAB is also suitable for the city's initiatives towards achieving energy efficient properties. FAAB is resistant to the steam, pollution, and chemicals from the manufacturing units in Cedar Rapids.

Top manufacturers require compatible Fluid Applied Air Barriers for the roofing or siding warranties to be effective. Proper application of FAAB and complete clean up of the surroundings is also needed. Builders and contractors must store and carry the material according to the manufacturer specifications. Professional application of FAAB can result in long-lasting solution for the buildings in Cedar Rapids.


CR FAAB must be applied only after thorough inspection of the property and substrate. Improper installation can cause wastage and delays in the project. Olde Town Group is an expert contractor in Cedar Rapids who can complete your FAAB project successfully.

Owned by Sean Vogler, Olde Town Group can first perform inspection of your Cedar Rapids property and suggest optimal FAAB solutions. They also provide compatible roofing and siding services to complete the building envelope. The family owned business installs top products from CertainTeed, IKO, James Hardie, and other manufacturers. They are familiar with the building codes in Iowa and Illinois. The setup, installation, and clean up of the professionals at Olde Town Group has won customer appreciation in all projects.

Olde Town Group can provide suitable documentation if any insurance claims are involved. They partner with financial units to provide financing for your projects. Residential, commercial, government, and industrial FAAB projects in Cedar Rapids can be accomplished by Olde Town Group. Call Olde Town Group at 3097385550, 3095171676, or 3192128131 for more information about their CR FAAB services.

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